Problem Definition
     It is never too early in a project to clearly identify the brief. During this phase, all the aspects of the project are prioritised and weighed, so that they can be precisely balanced to achieve what is really required and eschew the superfluous or irrelevant in favour of the key project elements.
     Applied Solutions' property and construction experience enables us to define exactly what's needed, using the following techniques:

Strategic and Asset Plan
     Once the project has been clearly defined a strategic plan is established with clear parameters against which the performance of each part of the project can be measured. This is the key document and is used to chart our progress in achieving the project goals.

Risk Analysis
     The process of property development, construction and commissioning can be complicated and a strategy is essential to achieve the goal in a planned and cost effective way, achieving the optimum asset value. Risk must be identified, quantified and managed throughout the process. Sophisticated analysis establishes criteria on time and cost for each phase of the development cycle.

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Feasibility Studies
     Applied Solutions evaluate the viability of different development options, ensuring the effective use of space, and analysing the specification, cost and programme implications of each option to see how well they 'fit' the objectives. This analysis is undertaken in a disciplined and strategic way using sensitivity studies, option matrices and carefully measured value judgements. Computer based 'what if' scenarios are run and where applicable assessed alongside tax planning, grant availability, market trends and all other practical and financial considerations that can impact on a project's viability and ultimately its success.

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Team Management
     Poor inter-team communications and management can be detrimental to the success of the project, not least in cost and time overruns. Applied Solutions' proven procedures provide clear direction, tight control and effective co-ordination - so that everyone is aiming at a common goal.
     Team management is proactive and dynamic. The dedicated management team is controlled by a team leader who has many years of hands-on experience and who is personally accountable for successfully meeting the demands of the project.

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Cost Control
     Applied Solutions' rigorous approach to the control of costs throughout the project is one of the cornerstones of the company's philosophy.
     Cost plan models are prepared by the team from the very earliest stages and regularly measured against the Strategic Plan and the feasibility study. Cost control is ensured by close contract with the design team, a clear understanding of the concept of constructability and continuous updating and forecasting of the costs on our projects.

Value Engineering
     Value engineering is the scientific analysis of a building to ensure that the unnecessary costs that tend to creep into the design process are minimised. An assessment of value is obtained by considering the cost [both capital and life cycle] of elements in relation to their function via a rigid 'workshop' process.
     Unnecessary cost is eliminated with no loss of function or aesthetics thereby increasing value.
     The savings achieved can be significant and invariably produce buildings with lower running costs and less maintenance.

     Programming starts at the beginning of every project and enables us to evaluate all issues that can impact on the time taken to complete development of the project. It also enables us to schedule construction work in a logical, sequential way.
     Technical support is utilised by interactive software which allows evaluation helping decision making, identifying key dates for design, procurement and resourcing and enables sophisticated critical path analysis to be undertaken.